Published 09/12/2022
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The electronic participation is a mechanism for expressing opinions and providing an opportunity for all segments of society and all concerned parties and related persons to participate in dialogue and interaction on various topics of interest to them. Through this mechanism, it is possible to express opinions, provide views, comments, suggestions, etc., and participate in opinion polls available electronically in order to improve and develop the services provided by the Authority in a smooth, continuous and integrated manner.

And in line with the adoption of electronic community participation practices by governments around the world, and based on the need for joint action in which everyone contributes in order to build a better society. The Digital Government Authority was keen to take advantage of the telecommunications network, Internet services and electronic community participation tools to increase and enrich the level of participation and transform it into tangible results in everything related to the Authority's work methodologies, starting from setting priorities, passing through policy-making, and leading to appropriate decision-making. The Authority relies on constructive participation in drawing the features and general frameworks for all its work, and accordingly, everyone was given the opportunity to communicate with the Authority and share their experiences, suggestions, ideas and problems through the electronic participation platforms provided by the Authority.

The authority concerned with supervising the electronic participation:

The National Program for E-Participation (Interact) is the entity responsible for supervising electronic participation and consultations in public participation in the development of regulations and legislation. A questionnaire for public consultations is developed based on the requirements of each new legislative draft.


​The Commission pays great attention to studying, evaluating, and responding to all posts in a way that is consistent with the issues raised, while preserving the Commission's right to publish, not publish, or partially delete what it deems inconsistent with its policies or with the laws in force in the Kingdom, which were developed to improve the management of such issues, electronic posts, reaping its positive fruits, and refraining from publishing any offensive remarks, topics, or comments. The Digital Government Authority is not legally responsible for publishing any negative remarks or comments through the electronic participation means on its portal, and for all the consequences of that publication.​​

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