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Published 06/12/2023
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According to what was indicated in the letter sent to government agencies that (it is necessary to complete registration of all new and existing digital platforms, channels and services, no later than December 31, 2022) Was the time limit extended?

The service is currently suspended due to expiry of period allowed for registering platforms.

Will all digital platforms, channels and services be added in all their forms, whether internal or external?

Yes, all existing and new platforms are added, whether they are directed to beneficiary groups externally or serve internally in the government entity.

What is meant by existing platform registration?

It is the digital platforms in operation that started providing their services to the beneficiaries, and also included in its scope all platforms that were developed or launched prior to the date of Circular No. (01/42/5589) issued on (07-Dhul-Qi’dah-1442 AH) that DGA’s approval must be obtained before launching new platforms.

Will the registration of existing platforms through the digital textile product be a continuation of the previous inventory procedure, which was according to a specific period, or is it re-registration again?

The system was created after collecting all the previous data with the previous collection with a fixed deadline. Accordingly, the entities, through digital textile services, complete the amendment to what was previously collected in terms of adding new services.

Is registration of existing digital platforms mandatory or not?

Yes, it is mandatory.

Do services in the digital naseej replace services of previous platforms (registration of existing digital platforms)?

Yes, and the previous services are no longer visible in my digital.

Is there a time limit for government entities to list the existing platforms?

The registration time limit has been set to be (90) days from the circular date. Accordingly, the time limit expired on 3 December.

We were previously informed that viewing the platforms listed in the portal would be possible. Is it possible to view the existing platforms currently listed in the portal?

Work is currently underway on adding this feature to the portal.

I have a problem submitting the application; what should I do?

Contact the National Contact Center (Amer) on (199099) or via email

What is next after filling out the existing platform registration form?

After that, the government entity can complete the platform data, apply for the platform registration certificate, and issue a digital stamp.

What data must be provided in the existing platform registration form?

  1. Platform information: Platform name - platform description - target segment - target sectors - platform classification - operating period - channels - data hosting.
  2. Domain information: The entity can request the registration of a new domain or choose the platform under a sub-domain of a previously registered domain.
    1. Developer information: The entity can select one or more developers.
  3. Scope of work & objectives: Scope of work - objectives - justification for establishment - gap analysis - alignment with strategy - logo.
  4. Similar platforms: Platforms similar to the platform must be clarified to be registered.

What are the target groups to fill out the form?

Platform owners from government entities are represented by those with access to the government leaders' platform.

What are the digital platforms included in the form?

Digital platforms are portals or applications that require user login and provide interactive services directed to one or more segments of users. Primarily, they consist of web and mobile applications that communicate and integrate with each other and may integrate with other external services. Moreover, they provide a consistent, unified, integrated, and seamless experience across the various channels so that they focus on the user and enable it to interact in every digital communication channel.

What is the purpose of the existing platform registration form?

  1. Organizing the work of the digital government
  2. Improving user experience
  3. Integrating between government agencies
  4. Improving operational efficiency

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