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Published 06/12/2023
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The customer faces a technical problem in registering a new platform with the sub-domain in the domain information field. The main domain does not appear to him, noting that it was previously registered and an external Internet was used. What can he do?

The problem is not technical. When registering a new platform, a list of domains is called from the domains system according to the entity to which it is assigned, so either you are looking for a domain registered with another entity, or the domain has not been assigned to the entity yet.

An application for creating a platform has been submitted and there are errors in it, and the entity wants to amend the application and reopen it, knowing that the status of the application is complete?

The application cannot be modified after it is received by DGA, and in the event that there is any modification in the platform data after the application is completed, this can be done through the ""platform modification"".

But if the application is in “under review” status, a crm ticket is uploaded with the application number, to be returned to the entity for modification"

Will all digital platforms, channels and services be added in all their forms, whether internal or external?

Yes, all existing and new platforms are added, whether they are directed to beneficiary groups externally or serve internally in the government entity.

What is meant by “a new platform registration”?

It shall be meant the digital platforms that (will be / are being worked on) to be created and developed.

Is the entity notified if the application is complete or if there are notes on it?

Yes, the applicant is notified via e-mail.

Is modification available after applying for services?

Amendment is available if the status of the application is new or re-modified only. But if the status of the application is complete, the amendment is not available. If the status of the application is "under review", crm ticket will be uploaded.

Q 10: Is registration of new platforms mandatory or not?

Yes, it is mandatory.

Do the services in the digital naseej replace the services of the previous platforms (approval request to establish a new platform? "

Yes, and the previous services are no longer visible in my digital.

What is the procedure if the application examination period exceeds the time limit?

The application examination period will not be exceeded, and the response will be sent within the time limit only if there are notes in the application that require providing us with some other requirements to complete the examination of the application.

In the details; should the application be submitted by the Information Technology Manager, who is the only authorized person, or can the Information Technology Manager authorize employees from within the agency, and what is the authorization method?

Yes, the application is submitted by the Information Technology Manager or his representative, and it is possible to request adding the information of the authorized person from the support unit in Raqmi Portal.

Examining the application period on the website is from 2 to 10 days, and there is no time limit in the FAQ file. In this case, what is the approved answer for the time limit?

The time limit will be updated in FAQ to conform to the time limit mentioned on the site, noting that the total time limit for examining the application takes 3-20 working days, as examining the application requires going through all stages.

If a platform is under creation, is it required to apply for the service?

Yes, it is required to apply for the service if there are new services or addition of, modifications, or new technical features to the platform.

I contracted with a developer and submitted an application for approval to establish a digital platform. Does the developer complete the services of the government agency or await approval?

Await the approval of DGA.

Q 5: Is approval required from DGA in advance, or can he apply on the platform?

When applying to register a new platform, you must obtain approval from DGA first.

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