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Published 06/12/2023
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In the government software service, is it required to add a user to be authorized by the information technology manager in my digital portal?

Yes, it is a must.

In software service, what is meant by the product status "safe - product management - rejected"?

What is meant by the product status “safe - product management - rejected” are:

the stages of product workflow, where the first stage is:

First stage:
which means it passed the verification and audit stage.

second stage:
"Product management" which means it passed the product management stage.

Third stage:
"Rejected" which means the code was rejected by the software quality team or the business team.

In the software service, what are the powers of users?

  • Free and open source software license application.
  • Deposit the source code.
  • Reviewing products uploaded to the government software deposit platform.
  • Provide additional product details.
  • Rating the product and publishing it on the platform.

In software service, how to log in?

Login through the National Single Sign On - it is available only for heads of information technology departments affiliated to government agencies

In the software service, does the product icon mean "deposit government software"?

This service allows products to be managed, classified and published on the Government Software repository Platform.

Q16: Hopefully, in the near future, will there be some Saudi national software that can be relied upon in the field of cybersecurity?

One of the main motives of adopting the free and open source government software strategy is to achieve digital sovereignty in all technical fields, including, of course, the field of cybersecurity​​​​​​​.

Is the license compulsory now for government agencies, and also when obtaining the license, is participation in the regulation’s compulsory?

The objective of obtaining a free and open source government software license is to enable the requesting party to benefit from the software platform and its services, therefore, obtaining the license is mandatory for government agencies.

How to enter the warehouse, what are the mechanism for uploading the software, and the requirements for obtaining a license?

Access for those authorized by the government agency to the free and open source government software platform through the link:

Fill out the form to obtain the license.

How can I participate to enrich the free and open source software on the platform?

It will be one of the services available on the digital platform within the participation and interaction services for the developer community.

Can we get a copy of the workshop presentation?

The required resources can be obtained from the resources page on the digital platform, the digital platform for depositing government software via the link:

In the event the committee members whose names are indicated in the decision are asked to contact the head of the committee "DGA", what is the procedure?

Please contact the committee secretariat at

Committee members are:

  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
  • Public Investment Fund
  • The National Authority for Cyber Security
  • The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Communications, Space & Technology Commission

What are the data required from the government agency to submit/deposit in the repository and provide us with a photocopy, if any?

The government software filing date will be released later, depending on the repository's readiness for this feature.

A government agency wishes to deposit the source code of its software, what is the statement?

The government software filing date will be released later, depending on the repository's readiness for this feature.

What is the government license?

The terms and conditions for using open source software for each source code used by government agencies or companies owned thereby.

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