Applying for a Free and Open-Source Government software License

Published 20/10/2022
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This license allows government agencies to request a license before making any actions related to the other governmental services.

  1. Log in to the National Single Sign-On (Nafath).
  2. Fill out the application form, enter the required data, and agree to the acknowledgment.
  3. The request is received and processed.
  4. The integration is completed and the service is activated.

• This license is granted to all government agencies, with the exception of security and military agencies that are subject to special provisions, as stipulated in their bylaws, regulations or internal regulations.
• The government agency must apply for the license through the form prepared for this before carrying out any operations related to government software, whether by purchasing, developing or publishing the source code or any other operation that takes place on such software.
•The government entity shall coordinate with the authority in the following cases:

          -Evaluating and studying government software available in the warehouse for use.

          -Searching for ready-made software, giving preference to free and open source software.

          -Participation of the free and open source software community in the development of government software.

          -Stop publishing the exported code when there is a cybersecurity threat.

• When the government entity desires to purchase software, it must abide by the contract approved by the Authority.
• The government entity, before publishing any source code, must comply with the regulations and decisions issued by the relevant authorities, in particular the National Cyber ​​Security Authority and the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

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