Strategic Directions

Published 21/08/2022
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Strategic Directions Document


Strategic Directions Document

This document explains the strategic directions taken by the digital government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was developed by the Digital Government Authority in coordination with the relevant authorities to achieve set strategic goals and aspirations of the Kingdom, and become the leading digital government in the world. This objective will be achieved in two phases. The first phase aims to build the digital government of the future by accelerating its growth and enforcing governance and regulation, while the second phase aims to achieve excellence in digital government services and reach global leadership in international indicators and standings.


Digital Government Authority

The Digital Government Authority  was established following a Cabinet decision on March 9, 2021 corresponding to Rajab 25, 1442H. The Digital Government Authority (DGA) is the competent and national reference for all Digital Government related activities. DGA aims to regulate Digital Government activities in the government entities, to achieve a proactive Digital Government capable of providing highly efficient digital services, & achieve integration amongst government entities.


Introducing Digital Government

Digital government refers to the use of digital technologies as an integral part of the government's' strategies. It relies on a digital government ecosystem which supports the production of and access to data, services and content through interactions with government agencies according to a set of principles and dimensions, while remaining within the strategic directions set for the digital government. The digital government focuses on providing information and communication technologies, as well as systems, platforms and portals, to build, improve and enable easy access to government information and services, while maximizing quality and security. It aims to do so by enhancing community participation to support the development of administrative, organizational and operational processes within government sectors, and adopting innovative business models and flexible policies and standards that promote digital transformation and excellence.



Our aspirations for the digital government have been embedded within the vision as follows





The mission embodies a purpose of how the digital government is looking to accomplish its vision

DGA's Mission




The values embody the different principles the digital government will instate in the government ecosystem

DGA's Values


Digital Government Strategic Directions 

Digital Transformation & Digital Government Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategies



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