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Published 27/02/2024
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How do I ensure that secrecy is maintained and I am protected?

The Internal Auditing Department and all Parties involved in the investigation shall keep confidentiality and shall not disclose the data and details of the investigation. The Authority shall protect the reporter from the procedures to be taken against him because of submitting the report to ensure his/her occupational safety and procedures arising from the same. In addition, it shall ensure that no employee reporting a violation is exposed to discrimination.

How do I contact the reports' competent officers in the Authority?

Directly contact the Internal Auditing Department at the Authority.

What documents are required to be submitted along with the report?

The reporter shall attach all supporting documents and proofs, if any, in cooperation with the Internal Auditing Department regarding submitting the information required and answering inquiries

What is reporting?

It is a statement or affidavit filed through the designated channels to the Internal Auditing Department for any violation or corruption case. 

what is the importance of registering the application?

Exclusive use of applications approved for government use.

What is the approval and testing mechanism?

The first step is to register via the service link, and you will be contacted if the application complies with the basic requirements .

Does submitting a registration application means that the application is approved?

Submission of application doesn’t mean that the Application is approved, but rather a request for examination and testing. 

What APIs are supposed to be targeted?

The focus lies on external interfaces connecting multiple entities. Interfaces intended for internal use within a single entity are not targeted.

What Are APIs?

APIs refer to a set of procedures that allow access to the data and functions of a specific system to run external applications, allowing automatic data sharing and function exchange across different systems.

What are the expected deliverables?

A technical report of recommendations.

What is the objective of service?

The service aims to automate the process of submitting requests for consultations to assess DX in order to facilitate providing consultations to government agencies.

What is the estimated time frame for providing service?

The estimated time frame for providing service is within 7 business days.

What can be provided in the service?

The service allows government agencies to submit a request for consultation to assess whether the digital product, platform or service is usable, effective and acceptable by end-users and beneficiaries and ensure access by persons who suffer obstacles or special needs before product development or go-live.

What are the expected deliverables?

  • Workshops.
  • Recommendations.
  • Models.

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